Hi Monique, what are you up to lately? (ie. work,projects,interests)

Writing! Everything. A music blog, a vegan blog, in an attempt to learn German, in an attempt to improve my memory.


What is moving you at this moment?

Moving to a different country. Witnessing random acts of kindness. Adaptogenic herbs.





Can you remember the first words (ie. poem, story, lyric) you fell in love with?

The lyrics to Dreams by the Cranberries. That song has been making me cry since I was 7 years old.


Can you describe your current writing process?

Relax, and let the perfect words come through.



Where do your poems come from?

 Emotion. I write poetry when I am feeling exceptionally emotional.


How does poetry connect us as human beings?

Poetry is self expression that can be very abstract; abstraction can create a lot of room for interpretation through feeling/essence/intuition.












How would you describe the relationship between poetry and performance?

It's intensely personal and brave. It has the capacity for the audience to revel in your vulnerability. A great performance can be healing for both parties.








What do you think is the most important thing about a poem?

For it to be real. Effortless. 




What is your biggest question for the world? If you have one..

How can we be the best version of ourselves in order to heal the world? Really.


What is your dream for the world?

More people to do what resonates with their highest selves. 


Who would you like to see interviewed on We The Tender Hearted?
John Lydon. He is honest & inspiring always. Never any pretense.


Monique's music blog:

photographs by Naomi Shon