Brandon Fletcher

Brandon 1.jpg


1. Is there anything you'd like to share about the work you do/projects your involved in/your interests?:

I'd like to become a better musician and writer.


2. What is moving you at this moment? 

Obscure sci-fi movies.


3. Could you describe your writing process?

I usually hear what I'm going to write line-by-line. My only part in it is hitting the keyboard to type it down.


4. How do poems and words connect us as human beings?

We articulate feelings and experiences through words, which hopefully connect with others who've had the same.


5. What is the path of love?

Many ways, but for me: openness.


6. What is the path of fear? 

Resistance to openness. 


7. Can you remember the first poem, story, or song lyrics you remember falling in love with?

Probably Green Eggs And Ham, by Dr. Seuss.


8. Can you describe your earliest memories of writing?

Writing raps in mead notebooks.


9. Where do your poems come from?



10. What is your dream for the world?

An anxiety-free world would be cool.


11. Who would you like to see interviewed on We The Tender Hearted?

The founders.