Josh Desure


Hi Josh! Can you tell us a bit about what you are up to lately? 

Hey there! Well I'm back in Los Angeles now. I moved to Texas for a bit there and have just been playing around the city here a lot. I've been in the studio working with an amazing producer. I'm really excited for the music I've been recording. I've also been working on a book of short poems entitled "Hope For The Night". I'm excited to share that with y'all. 

What is moving you at this moment?

Friendships, music, and love. Those things always keep me going. The new experiences with my amazing friends. The music we make and get to play for people. The love that I give and receive from my amazing family and friends. It's everything 


What role does poetry play in your life? 


Poetry is very important to me. It's vulnerable and raw. Mine can be very dark or extremely light and loving. I like making these short poems. It's a big challenge for me to have to jam a feeling into a sentence or two.

You're a singer and songwriter as there a difference in your process when writing a poem versus writing song lyrics? 

The process is much different. That might be the difference between my songs and my poems. Other than that I feel like my songs can be poetic. When it comes to song writing it usually starts with guitar. I'll play a few chords and I'll record it. I'll sing along to it and usually what I make up is my song. I'll change a few things here and there. With my poetry I've been challenging myself to sit and actually write without music. I think it comes from a different place for me.

Can you remember the first words (ie. poem, story, lyric) you fell in love with?

My parents had this huge record player growing up. They both had great taste in music. I don't think I'd be a musician if it wasn't for that. I would listen to Bob Dylan over and over. I think "Girl from the north county" really made me feel what music can do for people. It painted a picture for me. When you can hear a song and it takes you to a specific place and time and you can smell it around you. That's the reason I fell in love with music 

Can you describe your current writing process?

 With poetry I will usually sit on my back porch. It looks over Los Angeles and there is this big palm tree that is blocking some of the buildings downtown. There's something in that , that I've been pulling a lot from. I sit out there and with a note pad and come up with these short poems. With music it starts with guitar most of the time. Then the lyrics will come after. It's really hard for me to write about a specific person or thing. It has to just come out naturally.


What role do you feel poetry plays in our world today?

I think now is a very important time for poetry. It's an amazing way to express how you feel while showing other people it's ok to be vulnerable and honest. More people need to be honest and open. It's healthy. 


How would you describe love?

I think it's the single most important thing in the universe. Love is literally everything. We all make up one core energy and that energy is love. Without love people go insane. It's necessary and incredible.

How would you describe fear? 

 A lack of trust. Wether you don't trust yourself enough or you don't trust those around you.





What is your dream for the world?

For everyone to live with more love.  Just simple love. It's easy and feels amazing , everyone should try it.





Who would you like to see interviewed on We The Tender Hearted?

Erik Satie. I would love to be inside of his head.
Where can we find more of your work?

Right now I've just got an Instagram @desuremusic I'll be putting out a record soon. All social to come with that!  


Photos by Dani Fine